Dating apps have transformed the way people meet and interact, streamlining the process of finding a partner into a series of swipes and messages. However, a common issue many users encounter is the pattern of receiving the same sort of matches. This repetitiveness can be frustrating for those looking for a diverse range of people or different types of relationships. Let’s delve into why this happens and what you can do about it.

The Algorithm’s Role

At the heart of every dating app is an algorithm, a mathematical matchmaking system that decides which profiles to show you and in what order. These algorithms are often based on your previous swiping behavior, profile preferences, and even the types of interactions you engage in. If you’re consistently matching with similar types of people, it may be because the algorithm has determined a ‘type’ you appear to favor and keeps suggesting profiles that fit this mold.

Profile Presentation

Your own profile plays a significant role in the kinds of matches you receive. The information you provide, from your photos to your bio and even the prompts you choose to answer, crafts an image that the app uses to match you with like-minded individuals. If your profile appeals to a certain demographic, you’re likely to attract interest from that group.

Swiping Patterns

Your behavior on the app influences the profiles you see. Regularly swiping right on a specific ‘type’ can pigeonhole you into a cycle where the algorithm keeps presenting you with what it thinks you prefer. The nuances of human attraction are complex, and by not diversifying your swiping, you might be inadvertently narrowing down your options.

Location and Demographics

Geography plays a role, too. Dating apps use your location to provide you with matches, and if you’re in an area with a homogenous population, you’re more likely to see similar profiles. Additionally, certain apps may have a particular user base prevalent in your region, affecting the diversity of your matches.

Filtering Too Much

Many dating apps offer filters to help you find someone with specific interests, beliefs, or characteristics. However, over-filtering can limit the pool of potential matches too much, leading to a repetitive array of profiles.

How to Diversify Your Matches

To break the cycle and start seeing a wider variety of people, consider these strategies:

1. Reset Your Preferences

Take a look at your set preferences and widen them. This might include age range, distance, or any specific attributes you’ve selected. By adjusting these parameters, you’re telling the app to show you a broader spectrum of profiles.

2. Revamp Your Profile

Update your photos and bio to reflect a more rounded picture of who you are. Show different aspects of your personality and interests. A varied profile can attract a more diverse group of matches.

3. Change Your Swiping Habits

Be more conscious about your swiping decisions. If you find yourself automatically swiping on the same type of person, pause and consider others. Give different profiles a chance, even if they don’t immediately pique your interest.

4. Use Different Apps

Each dating app has its own unique algorithm and user base. Trying out different apps can expose you to new types of people. Some apps cater to specific interests or communities, which can help you find a more varied group of potential matches.

5. Disable Filters

If you’re using a lot of filters, try disabling them for a while. This allows the app to show you a wider variety of people, increasing the chances of coming across different profiles.

6. Engage Differently

The way you engage with matches can influence future suggestions. If you tend to have short conversations that don’t go anywhere, try investing a little more time in each interaction. Meaningful conversations can signal the app to match you with others looking for a similar level of engagement.


Receiving the same sort of matches on dating apps can be an exercise in frustration, but it’s often a reflection of our own behaviors and the app’s algorithmic responses to them. By taking proactive steps to diversify your swiping patterns, revamp your profile, and engage differently with the app, you can encourage a broader range of potential matches. Remember that dating apps are tools designed to facilitate connections, and with a little tweaking, they can be adjusted to better serve your dating goals.